the power of
The Power of
Purchase Persuasion
A Sign of the (Digital) Times &
How The Speed of Customer
Engagement Affects Walletshare
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Mobile technology
has changed how
Convenient Stores
engage with their
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Mobile-enabled digital signage
blitzes Couche-Tard
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Mac’s Convenience Stores
pushes out offers to nearby
mobile users to drive traffic
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The Future of Retail

Imagine a day when your customers pay for coffee by scanning a cell phone, and play their favorite music at the gas pump with a quick swipe of a loyalty card. Well, ready or not, such technology is already out there and it’s coming for c-stores—the only question is how soon.
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Look for
money saving
on your
mobile device

Interactive WiFi
and Bluetooth
at these participating
convenient store

When shopping at these convenient store brands in Northern Indiana, Western Ohio and Southern Michigan set your mobile device to receive money saving discounts on your favorite items. Turn your Bluetooth on "discovery mode" Or Search for our "Money Saving" WiFi by enabling your to "search for local WiFi networks". When you see our "Money Saving" Network. Open it up in your browser and start saving money by redeem your Mobile Discounts inside the store.

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